Race (free verse)

I toss across the surface of
the dust beneath the sun,
The ageless distance,
the limitless journey our
feet cover for the edge of
its abode for survival.

I move to the hand of time
by the tick of the clock
that never wait for
the innocence of saint
and ignorance of slave.

Searching for the unknown
by the stamp of my feet to
live amid the heirs and breeds.

To quench my thirst by the
edge of the stream,
To feed my belly with ur
Shrubs,leaves and bread
for the energy that run

I am race every man cannot
escape except the grave,
A place of no identity.

Composed by abayomi ogunniyi



The universe move in wind and storm,
the climate  change  across
its atmosphere.
The sun change its cloak with  dawn,
the moon exchange its identity of the dark for intensity that rage
beneath the cloud.

The drowning day  on the scarlet of
uncertainty unseen,
The night set it edge around the sky,
to replace  the brightness of the clouds, casting  shades to the path of man across
the axis.

We work all day under the veil of the
The light are far apart from our eyes,
the earth lost its vision at the
visit you never announced.
You stretch across the clouds
Moving across the sphere,
switching reality to dreams.

The swipe will restore the sun,
eyes would be bright again.
Our dream would not sway in the
veil of shades.
Thy reality would be castaway from
the nightmares of the day.far apart from our

The swipe will restore the sun,
eyes would be bright again.
Our dream would not sway in the
veil of shades.


Cant ride in the shivery
of the day in the blaze
of the sun.

The moving clouds of
water dropping the wet
holes of drought in the
the space of time and

The running scales of
the winds,
the moving music at
the strings and rhythm
of the cloud.

The slippery tone of my
feet in the moving
wave of the waters,

Running in the lane of
fertility for the golden
measure of food across
the land.

Written by Abayomi Ogunniyi

Power cajole.

Swift are the stage of
lofty deceit are the
slippery moist of the

Minds in the captured
nest of their fortune,
the brutal swing of
comfort for the bin
of terror and misfit.

Stony cave of treasure
captivated for the heart
of mashed pieces,
the desire to fufill fate
by crumbling and fall
of souls.

To tell the moment of
to withhold the cast to
foil in the saw for their

Immunity in raging
building broken walls
with the finger and
feet of decisions.

Written by Abayomi Ogunniyi@


Dancing to the drums
of your heart,
moving to the air and
tunes of excite beneath
the dry stage of your

Rejoicing in the muse and
tune of redemption,
singing to the melody and
rhythm of the flowing notes
of your soul.

Healing gift of the heart,
the blissful wave of
comfort at the solitary
journey of fate.

The blissful wave of
comfort at the
solitary journey of

Peaceful are the end
of thy tale at the
running riddle of

Written by Abayomi Ogunniyi@

The silence of a caged world

Fade, i see no world
more dangerous
than the crafty wars
and slave of humanity.

The moving feet of guns
raising bars of death in
the name of justice.

Slayed under the sleeves
of their conscience,
the apparel of covered
wickedness in the
breathing caves of faith
and morality.

The weak in the stream
of blood at the moving
chains of the beast,
crying at the seat of
hope forfeited to a
world they never

Our streets screaming
in agony under the
pleasure and comfort
of weapons.

Do we rise to face the
do we answer to the
rhythm of chains and

Written by Abayomi Ogunniyi@


 In the shadow of the womb,
The cloud of the unknown coast
sin driven by the veil of blood
and water.
Reaction of good and evil
clustered to the strings of my


Pulling the lights of my soul.
The darkness of the past, bright
aura of the present, pathway of
the future crossing breeds at
edge of my destination.
Beneath the skies are buried
keys drilling the sweat of the


Beneath the grave of the dead
the food planted for survival.
The cemetery of the weeds, the
silent pain of the dead.
Tears in the storm, sadness in
The air of depression stretched
coast of the heart to bear.


To cry in the shades of the sun.,
to expose your shadows in the
veil of the moon.
Journey of no foundation to the
adventures of no borders.
Love your sores, link your pain
on the thongs of hatred.
Friends your torn garment of
stricken enemy.

Hope in the stripes of struggles
clues of baseline of the dust.
Stories of no script end of no
To only give account at the
closed doors of nature beneath
your feet.

written by Abayomi ogunniyi